Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

The Introduktion Pt.II : the revolutionary D.I.Y scene

back then in the early 2000 here in the city where i've been living, a new born baby has just learnt to walk.. we affiliated ourselves in a small scene called reklaim the stairs d.i.y kollektif (because we hung out in Bandung City Hall stairs every wednesday afternoon)..
we started doing our own small gigs and people knew that something new was going on..
manusia buatan, free soul, domestik doktrin were the early bands that came out from the scene to name a few..
the last band was a thrashcore band where i played drums and together with ernesto mamayukero we formed this 5000 voltage hardcore punk unit..
one day we built a website, a free one..and my early works were featured there..
and that was the first time i got contact from the people all around the globe for artwork commissions or just to get me interviewed..
Krogh who runs Attack Webzine (Sweden) and Xavier who runs StillxHoldingXonxRecords (Belgium) are 2 people who interviewed me, displayed my works and asked me to do artworks for his label's releases..
that was my international debut as one of my dedications to contribute the d.i.y scene widely..

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