Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

the inner sleeve artwork for the split of DISGUST//MEINHOF

Malmo meets Bandung

WARSTRUCK (swedish crust) // KONTRASOSIAL (bandung d-beat crustpunk) split cover art..been years and haven’t come out yet :D


DISGUST (japanese crustgrind) // MEINHOF (british crustpunk) split cd cover art

Aussie D-beat Wanker II

another artwork for PISSCHRIST, their other tour poster and as the advanced cd cover art as well


DISFORIA is a crust based grindpunk band from italy

Aussie D-beat Wanker

this is probably my first crusty project, a tour poster of PISSCHRIST (R.I.P), a d-beat raw punk band from aussie..this one is also used as their advanced tour cd cover art